Our Home

Our Home

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Searching For Our New Home On wheels



After our long flight from Australia we landed at LA International Airport only to be told by immigration I wasn't allowed back into the country. I had a GREEN CARD, what were they talking about. !!  After about 3 hours I was told that my GREEN CARD did not give me the right to leave the US and stay away for 5 years. It gives me the “Right” to work here. When they found out we had Military ID’s all was forgiven  and  we were free to continue our trip to Salt Lake City.

We were greeted at the SLC Airport by Danns sister Joyce and her hubby Tony and the coldest wind I had felt in just over 5 years. I was looking forward to the cold temps and snow again, well i thought. !!! Man was I wrong. After a few weeks of severe cold temps/snow and more snow and a blizzard to boot, I was ready to get out of there.Below is a picture of me in one of the snow storms.
                                                                                                      We set of a few days later to start looking for our new home and a tow vehicle.  After a while we discovered that the Motor Homes were out of our reach price wise and I didn't think they had the room that a 5th Wheel had. I wanted a lot of kitchen space. Ohh thats right..I dont cook. Why was that so important ? Anyways we found a 5th Wheel and Dann found a truck to pull it with.
We hauled it up to Hill Air Force Base in Layton Utah and started living in it. It was so bloody cold we were using a bottle of Gas every 3 days. A tad expensive but we had no choice it was that or freeze to death. We come to realize a few days later that our water into the 5th Wheel kept freezing. Dann finally had to cut a hole in the under carriage and poke a lamp in there to try and stop the pipes from freezing. That didn't work. After a few weeks of this our Black Water froze up also and we couldn't dump.  So we thought about it a bit and decided we had a 5th wheel for a reason. We could hook up and leave and head for warmer climate. So after saying our goodbyes to Danns family we hooked up and were on our way on our Great Walkabout Adventure. 1st Stop Las Vegas. Below are some Pictures of our Home