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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve Talent Show


Christmas Eve here at Mission Bell turned out to be one of the highlights so far for us, what a fun night we had.
It all started a few weeks previously, a bit of planning, a bit of shopping Ropa Style for our costumes and Marj making my Papas prison shirt and his prison bars. She had to alter my dress to get it to fit, that was fun just in its self. My boobs were falling all out and over the place. I was up for it but they assured me that the viewing public wasn't. We had our rehearsals and got this show so fine tuned I forgot my lines Smile
The small play we put on was called “Hang On The Bell Nellie”. Its a story about Nell who fought to try and save her Papa from the Electric chair. The little movie and pictures will tell the rest of the story.
Our Work Campers Crew
Nell’s Papa – In Jail -
Nell (Me)
Handsome Jack (Dann)
Cast L-R
Butch Marie Audrey Mike Dann Patty Harry Marj Myself
Nell and Handsome Jack
That was a lot of fun, wont forget that night in a hurry. After our little skit things got a bit more serious, there was some singing and poem readings plus another little skit about the true meaning of Christmas.
Talent show 048
Talent show 052
Talent show 045

Christmas Eve came and went, its now Christmas Day and another busy busy day for us work campers. All that food to prepare for all the hungry people for Christmas dinner. I never took any pictures only the little video posted below. Every dinner party and luncheon we do is the same..decorate tables, cook the food, have fun. Clean up and go home. They all look the same after a while. That's the reason why I only took a video of a small section of it.

Monday, December 19, 2011



Christmas is getting closer and closer and our work group have been talking about going and seeing the Christmas lights in Hidalgo. Hidalgo is a little town not to far away from where we are. This town is well known for its 1 million or so lights. This we had to see.
We all piled into Mike and Audrey's mini van loaded up with our lap blankets and hot drinks and snacks and cameras of course. We had decided we were going to take the horse drawn buggy tour around the town of Hidalgo. 
This house belonged to Las Vegas entertainer-good to see them helping the community
 A dragon – Of course
I was having problems with my camera because I hit a button by mistake and couldn't work out what I had done so….my pictures didn't turn out –only a few.
After our little walk looking at all the light displays it was time for our Buggy Ride.
I was excited to take a buggy ride around Christmas Time. I had never done this before and I could feel the excitement of Christmas while being hauled around by the draft horses.There is a something soothing about hearing the horses hooves on the paved road while being surrounded by all the Christmas lights, bells ringing,people singing. It’s truly a experience I wont forget for a long time.  My first time drinking Eggnogs to I might add, horrible stuff. Below are some pictures of our horse drawn buggy ride

Me, Audrey,Mike,Patty,Dann and Harry. Marj is not visible because she took the picture.
Dann – Harry – Marj
Dann and Myself
A very enjoyable night, Now its back to the grindstone.
Ropa Shopping Trip

Ropa is a Spanish word mean ‘Clothing”

It was time to do some shopping..Ropa Style !! This is the shop a lot of people go to when they need a costume or just a cheap outfit. If you dig deep and look hard, there is really something for everyone in this amazing little shop.  The park where we are have a annual Ropa fashion parade which is a huge event on the Mission Bell/Trade winds calendar. We were just shopping for fun and looking for something that had a lot of Bling on it for New Years Eve.
Who am I kidding
Patty has found a possibility.
Audrey – Patty – Marj
Joy found something to
Joy wants what's up there.
I am thinking this one may be the dress for me
That's definitely a NO Patty
As usual we had a great time once again..