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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Our New Gate Job


Our old Gate guarding job lasted about 2 weeks. The company decided they weren't going to start drilling until around June some time, so that means we are outa here and on to a new site. We had a 3 day break, enough time do do the washing the modern way, stock up on some food and get some sleep. Sleep has not been coming easy for me while on this job. First night shift I have done for a few years and it was taking some time to get in the groove of things so to speak.

Finally we were packed up and on our way again, this time following some one from the yard. No chance of wrong turns this time. We arrived on site and met the husband and wife team that we were taking over from. They wanted some time off to spend with family. We quickly set up and took over the reins. All done in about half an hour. Boy were we in for a shock !!  After the slow pace at our old  gate this was like rush hour. I think we logged in 60-70 vehicles in our 1st hour. Half of the trucks I had a hard time reading their number plates (Tags) as  they call them here, because of the dust. It was bad.  At least now while doing night shift I will actually have something to do other than sit on my laptop and play my game to pass the time away. Our last gate we were about 3-4 miles away from the action, here we are right in the thick of things. Bloody noisy to.  Below is a picture of us set up close to the rig.


Even have a Mail Box

This is how they get the drilling rods to and from the rig.


The above link will show you what is happening under ground, I know my dad will be interested in this.

oil light

All around us are Oil Rigs busy drilling. This  is behind us. I have no idea why these burn. I must find out.


A few days ago, we had a really bad storm pass through. I managed to take this picture with the door slightly ajar. The rain made the dirt turn into  a sticky mud that stuck to your boots and just kept building up until they weighed a ton. I  might add that the creamy coloured carpet in our 5th wheel changed colour. Its wrecked.  I wanted to lay tiles down anyway. This just hurried up the process. This storm lasted for about 3 hours. The rain continued all day. Wasn't easy getting out there  signing trucks in. Had a harder time trying to keep the sign in sheets dry.  I hate to say this but I hope it never rains again while were are gate guarding. It is no ones  friend out here except for the Station Owners (Ranch).


One good thing about this job is that I get to see the sun come up every morning. Some beautiful sunrises as well, this morning I took this as the sun peeked over the trees.

morning sunrise1

Another one a few mins later. The actual colours of this sunrise are much richer when I was looking at it.  Still beautiful tho.


Me in front of the safety signs no one ever reads.