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Our Home

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Fiddlers Free Concert


The whole town of Panguitch was treated to 2 free concerts put on by the Old Time Utah Fiddlers. We went to both concerts but I only took video and pictures from night 2. I have to admit I really enjoyed listening to their music, I have never been exposed to this type of music before. I looked around half way through the concert and noticed that the hall was only half full, a lot of empty chairs. Sad.I have to admit
I thought this lady was pretty darn good.
I only got bits of this next video, this is the lady that organized this concert and she can sing to !!
What's a concert without  a bit of Yodelling
The Grand finale ..2 halves to this video, 2nd half is Carl singing Long Black train.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Peters Birthday

Peter and Erika Voirol are  the sweetest and caring couple you would ever wish to meet. Peter is a bloody brilliant guitarists and today its Peters birthday. Peter and Erika hail from Switzerland and we are very lucky to have them as our neighbours here in the park. Erika cooked all his favourite foods for him today.Everyone from the park was invited to celebrate with them. As usual we arrived on time with camera in hand. I have to tell you that Erika is a wonderful cook, she showed me only yesterday how to prepare and cook a Swiss Pie. What I like about Erika's cooking is that she doesn't saturate everything in sugar.OK, here come the pictures.
Peter & Erika
A Few Of The Guest
Mary & Her Friend. Mary is the Park Manager.
Jim & His Wife. Jim Is The Head Groundsman
Only In America
It isn't a toy, its very real
I have saved the best pictures for last. This guy is a Character in the true sense of the word. He dresses like this every day, same coloured shirt and pants. It never changes.
Notice anything unusual about this picture,  I bet you didn't see the Sheriff's Star on his chest. He looks like he just came of a movie set, but like I said before, he dresses like this everyday.
Happy Birthday Peter

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Fiddlers Jamin Next To Our House


I was busy doing nothing this afternoon as I usually do every afternoon. Actually I was playing one my games  on facebook when I realized I could hear voices which turned into the occasional laughter and then followed by the sounds of some one tuning what sounded like a guitar. I didn't take much notice cos this had been going on for the last few days.  A hour or so must have past and I realized I could hear singing now as well. I sneaked a peak out the window to see what was going on. Next door to us the neighbours had set up a jamin session with about 15 - 20 other fiddlers. I grabbed  my camera and scooted over there real quick. Below is some pictures I took of them while they played.


That guy standing (Carl)sung a song Called “Long Black Train” he even made the sound of the train whistle with his mouth. Amazing to sit back and listen to these Old Time Fiddlers. I was happy that they had set up right next to us.
You remember I said in few blogs ago that I had found a new Feature  in my camera -–Movies—. The sound isn't that loud so if you want to hear it, just turn your speakers up a tad.   Below is a little movie I took of these guys.
I only filmed bits of these because I wasn't sure how much I could store on my little camera stick. I found out later I could store A LOT !!!
One more little movie for you  all.



Our neighbours, I think they took there Guitar pickin and knittin seriously


Me trying a bit a Pickin


Dann having a go as well.



A Taste of Panguitch


While the fiddlers were still in town they had a food fair and all the food venders in Panguitch gave out samples of their speciality. By the time you had done the rounds you had a full plate. It was delicious.

I didn't take to many pictures of this or movies..Smile  Well..just a few.


Dann enjoying his dinner


I have never been known to shy away from a feed.




Monday, July 11, 2011

Dann working Hard For Our Free Site


A lot of full time Rv’ers do unpaid work while they travel for a free site in the park with full hook ups. This is Danns first job. Its a great way to save a bit of money. Here in Panguitch, Utah Dann is mowing lawns doing a bit of weeding, emptying the rubbish bins. Its a great deal for both the Rv’er and the people that own the parks. As we have travelled a few miles/kilometres since we started out in January its sort of nice to slow down a bit and relax. Good time to go to the Doctors/dentist. I seam to be in and out of dentist offices lately. Time to look for another one I think.


Some pictures of my husband hard at work Smile
First Day On The Job
Dann On His New Toy
Doing His Rubbish Run
Mowing The Lawn
Finished For The Day

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Well we have finally arrived at our first camp job at the Hitch-N-Post in Panguitch Utah.
Southern Utah offers the highest concentration of scenic natural wonders in America. Panguitch is just 25 miles north west of Bryce Canyon National Park. Surrounded by majestic mountains with a colourful view of the Aquarius Plateau it’s central location makes it convenient for us to plan a day trip to numerous parks and monuments. Hopefully while we are here we can go and see everything this place has to offer.
Below are a few pictures I took while driving in here from I15 –Utah 20
Utah has some of the most beautiful rock formations I have ever seen.
Rolling Green Valleys -Beautiful-
Pictures Taken Around The Park
The Laundry
The bathroom, right next to the laundry
The Office
dannn workin
The Water Tower
I wasn't to sure about this place when we first arrived,all I can say is I am glad we have our own shower and toilet. The temperature here is perfect, lovely cool days with chilly evening, which make for perfect sleeping conditions. As we are here for a few months, I am trying to make the most of it and trying to fit in. I  went the other day to the hair dresser and it was only $12.00 for a hair cut and she  did a fantastic cut. I see every where the prices on anything you want are reasonable if not below what we are use to. St George isn't to far away as well as Richfield. We have yet to go and do any sight seeing.
We were here only 2 days and I soon noticed a lot of older folk hanging out in each others areas playing music, violins/guitars/banjos/ steel guitars,you name it, they were playing it.It was really different to hear all these instruments playing  no matter where you were in the park. Dann tells me they are “The Old Time Utah Fiddlers” and they are here for a couple of free concerts. My next blog will be about  just that.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Leaving South Dakota- Heading to Utah

After a fantastic 2 weeks it South Dakota it was time to say goodbye to our new friends and move on. Its always hard to leave new friends behind but I know we will see Bob & Snookie again in Texas when the winter arrives. It was Snookie that told us about a  great work camp experience that happens every winter down in Texas. I wanted to go back to Tucson for the coming winter. This was just to good to let go.  The job is in a place called Mission, right down on the Gulf Of Mexico.  Its basically a RV resort but on a HUGE scale. Below is a picture of its location.
Mission map
Link will open in new window, Dann and I are way down the bottom. Here you can read exactly where will be going  while the rest of the country freezesSmile  I cant wait !!!
Anyway..Back to packing up and leaving Rapid City. We left around 9am on the 7th Of July 2011. The clouds were building again as it did every day while we were there, but this morning I was excited about the rain because I just find it so relaxing when travelling and its raining. BUT I didn't think it was going to be as heavy as it got. That's another story. We were on the road about a hour if that, and it opened up. Well at least we got the truck and 5th wheel washed again by Mother Nature. That's always a bonus when travelling RV Style. Most place don't allow it. Below is a picture of the rain storm that we went through.
The poor old wipers were workin overtime
The rain soon cleared up and it was clear sailing from here on. I had my camera beside me and took many pictures as we moved out of South Dakota and across Wyoming. We spent the night in a little town called Rawlings and next morning  we  set sail for Utah.
We are heading back towards Utah because Dann has a camp job in Panguitch Utah.  HE will be mowing lawns, edging and  some weeding for 10 hours a week for a free site with full hook ups. . Well that's what the add called for anyway, we will see when we finally get there. Me !!!  I suppose I will be farming and running my little Gourmet Ranch on Facebook  and trying to catch up on my blog. Its a hard life I tell you. Smile   It wasn't to long and we were now back in the State of Utah. I was tired of taking pictures and I had been playing around with a new feature that I discovered on my little camera. MOVIES !!!  I was now on a movie frenzy. In some of them the loud scratchy noises that you hear is the wind blowing in to the camera

When we finally arrived back in Layton Utah we went straight up to Hill Air Force Base and unhooked and set up the 5th wheel. We had already rang Danns sister Joyce and had organized to go out to dinner with them. Popular choice- OLIVE GARDEN.. Love their food. I was fangin for a good feed after being on the road most of the day.



Tony Joyce and Dann outside Olive Garden after Dinner.


Joyce puffin her self up Smile

We only spent 2 nights and 3 days in Layton catching up with Danns family. Dann kids had a dinner and invited us over, it was a good evening. It was a fast hectic 3 days for us. It was fun seeing Joyce and Tony again, just sorry we couldn't spend more time with them.

Next stop Panguitch Utah