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Our Home

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Heading Towards Mission–Last Leg




We were up early and on the road again by 9.30 today,it’s been a long trip and we are anxious to get to our destination.We only spent 1 night here, we were going to stay a week or so but that changed as soon as we found out we could get into Mission early and start work. Our GPS wasn't being user friendly this morning and believe me we really needed it to be on its best behaviour today. San Antonio is a bloody big place with narrow streets with a lot of over hanging trees, which concerned us.Freeways and highways like you wouldn't believe. I am so glad I cant drive here.The more city's we visit the more we don't want to even drive through them anymore. It’s a nightmare !!


I get this mental picture in my head about the places we are heading to next. I imagined that Mission Bell / Trade Winds RV Resort would be nestled in a bushy area close to the Rio Grand River, with a little shop about a mile away so you can get bread and milk and what not. Wasn't I in for a shock as we drove through the “Little” towns as we approached Mission. They were definitely not Little Towns BUT Huge Cities. For as far as the eye could see, all I could see was SHOPPING and MORE SHOPPING !!  Every store you can think of is here. which is a good thing..Right ??  Any way we had entered “East” and not “West” or visa versa in to the GPS and we ended up in woop woop somewhere, we rang the office in Mission to verify the address and we were soon on our way again, this time in the right direction hopefully.

We were 3/4 of a mile from where we had to be and you wouldn't read about it, A Lady in the next lane to us decided she wanted to be in our lane, so over she comes, no indicators, Dann tried to get the truck and the 5th wheel out of harms way, but it wasn't to be. We ended up jumping up on the side walk narrowly missing a light pole . All I  heard  and felt was huge thump as she side swiped us. We got out and had a look at the damage and the truck wasn't to bad, the 5th wheel had coped most of the damage as far as we could see. Running nearly the full length of the 5th wheel was damaged in some way. The cheek of this woman !!! She gets out of her car comes over and says to us with “ATTITUDE”  What the hell Just happened ??  I was so close to telling her, you are what just happened you stupid bitch but I kept my mouth shut. Then she had the cheek to try and tell us we were speeding. We were lucky if we were doing 40 miles an hour. As our left hand side mirror was now gone the Police Officer that came to access the situation escorted us the rest of the way.


This is what greeted us as we opened the door


Our poor mirror


This little bit is pulverized, door is dented and scratched all the way down the full length of the RV

When we arrived we had another little challenge to take care of. There are NO pull through sites here, all back ins, and they are Tight little spots. Pay attention Rita and Jim for when you come here. Its extremely tight with hardly no room for turning as the little streets are very narrow. Apparently this park was built quiet a few years ago before Rv’s got as big as they are today.  Dann immediately  after were were settled got in touch with the insurance company and sorted all that out, more of a hindrance for us than anything else. Got a phone call yesterday from the insurance company telling us they are considering writing our 5th wheel off. You could image the shock of hearing that news, will keep you posted as to what happens.



Monday, October 3, 2011

Still Heading To Texas

new mexico

I forgot to mentioned that we went through New Mexico again but this time a different way, below are a few pictures we took along the way.
New Mexico2
New Mexico1
I cant remember exactly where in New Mexico this place was.I thought it was worth taking a picture of
After we left El Paso we continued on towards a town called Fort Stockton, we never even unhooked our home as we only stayed 1 night. Next morning I think we shit the bed because I seen the sun come up out on the open road. I managed to take a couple of pictures as it came up. I have to say I haven't seen the sun come up since the morning we left Busselton back in Australia.
Just peeping over
From here on it was a nightmare driving in to the early morning sun, especially with 156,000 squashed bugs on the windscreen.I am actually hanging out of the truck taking this picture. It was not to far down the road I could smell oil and a strong oil smell to I might add. At first I thought it was the huge truck that had just passed us. Then I thought maybe its us that's burning oil. After a while we noticed all these oil wells of in the bush, I wish I had thought to take a picture of one. Kind of cute actually. But man do they stink !!!
Our next stop was San Antonio in Texas. This was a HUGE city. I always get this visual picture in my mind what a place should look like and I am always disappointed. I really thought it was going to be a average size town..NOT !!
It took us forever to find  where we had booked into for the night. Its not easy turning up and down small streets while towing a 5th wheel. I am sure some of the roads we went on were from the horse and cart era.
After much confusion we finally unhooked and then went of to meet our friend's that we met in South Dakota. Snookie and Bob. We all sat around and chewed the fat for a hour or so, met some new friends  Joy and DeWayne who will also be working at the Mission Bells Trade winds RV Park for the winter.
Snookie had already organized a outing for us to all enjoy. We were told that we were going to go and see the River Walk and the Alamo. Perfect !!
I don't think The Alamo needs any introduction, its know world wide, it was extremely;y interesting to see tho.
Me,Dann DeWayne,Joy,Snookie and Bob in front of the Alamo. Its that blurry white structure behind us.
This is a HUGE statue out side the Alamo of Davy Crocket, Travis and a few others. It was very pretty.
It was very tall to.
I have no idea what this carving on the other side of the monument meant but it sure was beautiful.That building in the background was majestic as well. After we had a gander at the Alamo, we headed of down to the River Walk. What it is ….its a river that runs through a certain part of the city of San Antonio and on either side are a LOT of shops and restaurant's offering food from all over the world. It was really a picturesque place. If I didn't know better I would have thought I was in Venice.
Beautiful Views
I didn't get a picture of it but a boat sailed down this river with what looked like 5 Star dining on board.
Dann Bob Joy and DeWayne looking for Rita's Mexican restaurant
Before we ate we wondered around the novelty shops they had and took a few pictures.
We wondered into this place and had a bit of fun with a fat lady and the tallest man in the world.
Me, Joy and Snookie with our new Best Friend.
Joy and myself.
This big guy actually sat down and stood up. I was standing beside him getting ready to have a picture taken when he all of a sudden stood up !! I nearly shit my britches, I wasn't expecting it.
After a fantastic time out doing a bit of sight seeing and eating, we started back to the car and headed home.    
       A great evening with some great people !!!