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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

On The Road Again

Well its been quiet a few months since I have updated my blog. After we escaped and ran away from Gate Guarding, we found our selves back in Mission Texas for the winter. I decided not to blog during the winter because I would only be going over  what I wrote about last winter.

When we finished Gate Guarding we stayed in San Antonio at Lackland Air Force base and we got busy trying to get all or most of the dust out of the 5th wheel. I have never seen so much dust in my life. It was every where and thick to. Dann got the air blower out and we tried to blow it out, was slow going but it worked a bit. We did some much needed expensive repairs that were caused by the job.

We  left after 2 weeks and went onto Oklahoma City to visit with Joy and Dewayne. Spent a great month with them at Tinker Air Force Base.  Joy and I have become quiet good friends.

Our next stop was to be Memphis, I was going to see Elvis. Have dreamed of going to Memphis for ever and visit GraceLands.  After Memphis we were going to head over to  Nashville and see the sites around that city. Grand Ole Oprey and what not.  Well In my mind I was going to all these places, but not to be this time round.

I had emailed our boss from our winter job back in Mission Texas that we had decided not to come back, I just wanted to get the hell out of Texas. I had grown to dislike this state. All this state had to offer as far as I could see was Money and Oil and I didn’t want to be near  either again.

Joy Dewayne Dann and myself met Mike and Audrey out at a truck stop (Flying J’S) for a cup of coffee and a chat as they passed through on their way back to the Valley. It hit me real hard while we were all sitting around the table reminiscing about the previous winter and what we had all done during the summer, they sure heard all about our terrible summer job :-) It was then that I realized it’s  the people that make a great state, not the state its self.  After that visit at flying J’s were were turning around and heading back to the Valley and our friends that we had made the previous winter.  So, Poor old Elvis will have to wait for another day………………….