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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

On The Road Again Part 2


On the 28th of April we finally hooked up and pulled out of Mission Texas. We stayed a month longer than most of the work campers because we really had no where to go for 2 months and we needed to kill some time until our job was ready for us in Algoma, Wisconsin. We had been in touch with the owners of Captain K’s Marina and they kept telling us to stay away because it was to to cold. So we did.  Why would we go there when we can enjoy the best winter weather the United States has to offer right where we are. We put our time to good use and I helped do some detailed cleaning after the last few hectic months. Cleaned stoves, tables walls, all that sort of crap. Help our Bosses Audrey and Mike while they added a new kitchen and office to their park model. I was introduced to wall papering and I have to say, I don’t really care for that job to much. Why would you go to all that trouble of gluing, lining up and hoping to god it sticks and then paint it..That’s like buying a nice piece of material and then cutting it up into little squares and strips and then sew it all together again.


The new room.

I actually enjoyed this time with Audrey, I think we got to know each other a bit better and bonded more as friends than a boss and employee.





Below are a few pictures of our work camp mates new and old and a  few of our outings over the last 4 or so months.

Lilly and Joe 

Lilly and Joe


Carol and Audrey, Carol will be joining us next season, here she is helping us out. Good Hand and Foot Player to, Well sorta. Smile


Bobbie and Jerry – Who will  be returning for another season to help out.


Left to Right- Nancy and Ivan, who will be returning for another season. Me sitting next to Dann,Behind me Bobbie and her hubby Jerry. Our Bosses on right Mikey and Audrey and sitting next to Mikey is Laura, who will not be returning.


Dann and I on one of our drug runs to Mexico


Ron and Carol.



Out for dinner with some of our workmates.


And I just had to save the best till last


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  1. Hey Aunty Pat,
    Had to check out the blog, it looks really good. Makes me wanna head over lol
    Miss you heaps.

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