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Monday, July 8, 2013

On The Road Part 3


Before I go any further, I found a little picture and I want to put it in here for a friend of ours, You know who you are Wanker..


Katanning is a little town in Western Australia .



Ok, Now on to our  travels. I am trying to play catch up here, so just going to post some pictures and a little info on how we got to Algoma, Wisconsin.  Our first stop was in San Antonio for a few days, A  few more than we anticipated actually but well worth the  rest. Next stop was DeKalb, Texas for a week to visit our friends Joy and Dewayne who we had worked with in Mission Texas.  Joy and DeWayne had to cut their working holiday short and head back to Oklahoma City to take care of DeWaynes mum who was failing very fast. I didn’t want to see them go nor did Joy want to go, but family comes first. So of they went and I had to find new victims to beat at Hand n Foot. Carol was a very willing victim.

gate guard

Had to take a picture of this as we drove along. A Gate Guard at the entrance to a Oil Rig site, all I can say is POOR BASTARDS


Joys Dad Art, Lovely man


We parked up in the back yard of the Joys Dads place, He has two full hook up sites. Joy and DeWayne were in one and we in the other. Had a great week of rest and card playing here. I love this place, its out in the bush away from everything.


Plenty of room


Joy and me

hoarehound candy

Had to snap a pic of these Lollies, These are Arts favorite, they don’t taste to bad either.


A Black Orchid growing in their yard


I thought the colour of this was beautiful.

After a great week with our friends it was time to move on.

Next stop George, Iowa

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