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Monday, July 8, 2013

George, Iowa ~Tulip Festival~



While in George, Iowa we went to the yearly tulip festive, one problem tho, the tulips were a week  late in flowering so there was not many to see. We did go to the Tulip parade and that was very enjoyable, some of us enjoyed the parade while one of us took the opportunity to take a nap.

What began in 1936 as a small celebration of Orange City’s Dutch heritage has led to over 70 years of what is now known as the Tulip Festival. The annual celebration occurs every third weekend in May.

Below are some pics of the festival that I took


Clog Dancers clogs


Took about 20 shots to get a picture of these clogs.


All Hand Made


Promise – No more clogs.


This little toddler was so bloody cute pushing this little red wagon.


In full period costume


Horse drawn Cart


More kids in the Parade.

little boy

That’s some serious clogs

little girl

Now !!  Where are his clogs.

penny farthling

Yes, Its one of them !!

street washing

In Holland they actually wash the streets.

period costume

A couple watching the parade in Period costumes


Us after the parade.


Mike taking a afternoon nap while watching the Parade.

aussie tshirt


The guy that owns this t-shirt is Mike and Audrey's son in law. I was a little taken back by seeing a  Aussie t-shirt at the Orange County Tulip Festival in Iowa, USA .  BACA  stands for Bikers Against Child Abuse.

black what

Black Jack !!

big clogs

I lied, one last pic of some clogs. O bet they weighed a ton


And that my friends in the Tulip Festival that had no tulips. Had a fun day , Will finish our trip here in a few days.

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